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About us

The Closet is the only company in Pakistan with professional expertise to have some of the world’s best sports and fashion brands under its belt. Since our inception in the year 2011 we have been growing with a vision to bring the international brands a step closer to the local customers.

Our passion for sports reflects in the collection we bring to our outlets. The Closet especially believes in the power of sports, which brings out the best in every human being whether played as an individual or in a team. Our motivation drives us to evolve and innovate as we progress each day. The Closet believes in stepping up your game with the latest and trendiest 100% genuine sportswear and accessories. Our growing portfolio of the world's most loved sports & fitness brands is a proof of that we are a highly passion driven company.

The Closet not only works with the best in the sportswear brands but it is dealing very the best fashion brands. Our impressive selection makes it easier for our customers to make the right choices.